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Emmanuel Celebration Centre is a bible based Christian church founded in Slough, Berkshire in the United Kingdom 14 years ago. From a hall in Chalvey, the Church grew in bounds, moved to the Weekes Drive Community Centre and with the eminent growth; the church is seeking to purchase a new place of worship. The church’s main mission is teaching, training and equipping people so that they can assume responsibility and positively influence the world around them. As such, its aspiration is raising sons to be heirs. The church has grown over the years under the stewardship of Pastors Peter and Pauline Kamau. From its humble beginning the church has grown to be a voice impacting community in Berkshire . ECC in partnership with SHOC(Slough Homeless Our Concern) conducts a monthly outreach and support towards transformation and recovery of the homeless by supplying toiletries and a hot meal. In addition, we have activities throughout the year seeking to invest in various groups through the various departments of the church.



  1. To Train and equip individuals to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ and take responsibility to influence the world around them.
  2. To minister to different groups in the community according to their specifics needs and provide an environment for personal and spiritual growth.
  3. To establish excellence in every area of our services.

CHARITY REG. No. 1121614

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