Daughters of Destiny

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It is evident than God desire was for a woman to be a helper when he said "let us make a helper comparable to him. This purpose is very unique and befits a woman in Gods divine wisdom. Despite it being very apparent, and seemingly obvious, this role played by women still cannot be compared or substituted because it is a God given responsibility only to be played by women. A woman nurtures, multiplies and bring forth whatever is at her disposal. In other words, whenever women stand and nurture whatever is godly, and abhor what is evil there is certainty of increase in godliness and prosperity.

It’s therefore upon them to decide what to do. This is clearly manifested in the bible when sin subdues the woman Eve who was to be Adams helper and comparable to him, on the other hand Esther over came fear and  influenced the kings decision to save the Jews from the decree.
Other than the active role they play, women shoulder a great responsibility by playing a supportive role both in their homes and in the community which at times is overlooked. It is in this view that Daughters of Destiny being a fellowship of Women, have identified their purpose and stood by it in order to make their presence known, and be the Esthers of today. They come together to enrich one another. This ministry is there to ensure women stir one another up, edify themselves and encourage one unto another in matters concerning them. They organize annual conferences and their regular gatherings.


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