The Pillars of ECC


This is a group of individuals, within Emmanuel celebration Centre, who are aged 22 years and above. The membership comprises singles and those in courtship and at a stage in establishing themselves in the society and the Kingdom of God by applying biblical principles in their daily lives.  The group is solidly founded within ECC mission and vision which aims to address the challenges of very stage of a Christian’s life.  The recreation of this ministry came with the realisation of the need empower the group members within their distinctive needs so as enable them enjoy their walk with Christ, effectively serve Lord Jesus and have create a forum to address issues affecting the group members.

Based on the fact that ECC is for impacting and transforming lives, it is imperative that Pillars’ impact resonates to the community and lives around them. Rightly so, the department has since grown from an influence within the church to an outreach touching nations.

Mission: To touching the world through our service and address life in the true Christian way while imputing our God given energies to serve the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Vision: Reaching out and impacting the youths and the communities of the world with the full gospel of Christ.


To equipping the Pillars for service in the Kingdom of Christ as members of Emmanuel Celebration Centre


o Creating a synergy through our uniqueness and varied capabilities

o Raising the bar in the Pillars involvement in Church`s operational departments.

o Addressing challenges faced by the group, in their walk as Christians.

o Develop an effective mechanism through which Pillars can contribute to ECC growth and continuity

o Successfully reaching out and increasing ways to touch the communities around us

Pillars are a key partner in the Extreme Summer Weekend movement which provides the one ultimate weekend get-way for single and those in courtship. This year 2013 they are inviting all singles and those in courtship to King's Park in Northampton to the Extreme Summer Weekend 2013 on 19-7-13 to 21-7-13. This is a fun fueled and empowerment event providing a great opportunity to socialise and network for the target participant. Visit the events section for Extreme Summer Weekend 2013 details.