On Duty in East London

Pastors Pauline and Peter were on leave to revival house a sister church where they were invited speakers. As ever Pastor Peter was talking turkey yet her sermon was marked by exuberance and enlightenment. While away, Papa's sermon titled holiness was delivered with a tone of instructive exposition. He opened his message Gods holiness by pointing that we are not accorded holiness by virtue of salvation but we work it and diligently pursue it. "The beauty of God is in his holiness" he said. To be holy means we are cut out from normal, separated and distinguished unto God. Isaiah 6:3, Psalms 27:, Psalms 113; were among the scriptures mentioned. Consecration and the accountability is upon one unto God lest at the day God will condemn saying I do not know you. We are dead to sin and although the sin itself is still up, prevalent and very much around, we cannot receive from it, neither have we got any relation to it any more. We ought to move on to put on another garment which is after Gods likeness. Something must die. He emphasised that whenever Satan attacks and assaults from all direction it is an indication of  the accuser of brethren conniving around seeking to wound you. As he put his message to a close he encouraged his listeners to stand before God boldly and demand all that belongs to them as with holiness you have a legal ground and a basis to plead your case.


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