Photo gallery

Click the image on the left to view the album of photos moments at Days of Destiny 2014. The Celebrants put together this international conference through the help of the Almighty God to enrich the body of Christ and the community at large. Those who attended were not only ministered to but also provoked, challenged and shifted to ascend to the 'Well Able' status. To view more photos or purchase any photo, please visit and register at For Video and Audio messages visit our store section in this website.

Here are some of the photo moments captured during the ECC Christmas Dinner that took place at the Centre. It was a time of fellowship, networking and dinning. The Church leadership also had a chance to take an account of all that have taken place within various department and to give highlights of the plans for 2014 that will enhance realisation of the overall church vision. It was beautiful!! See some of the happenings at the dinner by clicking on the photo on the left side.

It was meant to be a day where the better part of the service is dedicated to thanks giving and worship in the form of music and it did just that. Led by the Celebrants, Weekes drive was the place to be. The harmony had an infectious aura causing every one to join in. Click the photo on the left to see some moments captured by the official photographer for the event. To view full album or to purchase  any photos visit and register at

The Youth took there place in serving God. ECC youths are youths with passion to Kingdom business and they proved it when they took over all the operations on this particular Sunday. Click the image on the left to see some of the moments at the 2013 ECC youth Sunday. For more images and if you want to purchase of the photos visit and register at

This was an empowering moment for families. The atmosphere was filled with love and husband and wife had better perspective of how to deal with challenges of marriage in the biblical manner. among lessons learnt from the seminar was: the importance of realising that as people that we are always not the ones on the right. No one can claim perfection. It is only CHRIST who makes perfect!! Click Icon on the left for some photo moments at the Seminar. For more images and to purchase any of the photos visit and register at